Awards and Nominations

Movies with national and international Awards:

NUCLEAR CONSPIRACY *Academy Award of Italy - Targa d'Oro
(Reise in eine strahlende Zukunft) *Golden Flame (USA)
*Kurd Lasswitz Preis
*Emmy Award Nomination (USA)
THE BEAUTIFUL END OF THIS WORLD *Screenplay of the month
(Das schöne Ende dieser Welt) *Nomination for the Award of Prince Rainier (Monte Carlo Film-Festival)
SPARE PARTS (Fleisch) *Golden Nymphe (Monte Carlo Film-Festival)
THE WELL (Die Quelle) *Screenplay of the month
*Nomination for the Adolf Grimme Award
PLUTONIUM *Silver Asteroid, best Science Fiction Screenplay
OPERATION GANYMED *Golden Asteroid, best Science-Fiction Film
*Predicate 'especially precious'
THE BLUE PALACE*The European Science Fiction Award – Best European SF Screenwriter (Brighton)
SEVEN DAYS (Sieben Tage) *Adolf Grimme Award
*Nomination for the Academy Award of Performing Arts
(Die Delegation) *Nomination for the Adolf Grimme Award
WINTERCAMP *Award of the Viennale, Vienna
BAVARIA IS NOT TEXAS *Award of the Viennale, Vienna
THE ASSASSIN (Der Attentäter) *Golden Adolf Grimme Award
SPECIAL LEAVE *Adolf Grimme Award
(Sonderurlaub) *German contribution to the Filmfestival Berlin
MEDAL FOR THE BOYS *Golde Nymphe, Filmfestival Monte Carlo
(Orden für die Wunderkinder) *Prix Italia, Genova
*First Award MIFED-Anica, Mailand
TRANSMIGRATION OF SOUL *Predicate 'especially precious'
(Seeelenwanderung) *Ernst Lubitsch Award
*Prix Italia, Verona
*Golden Nymphe, Filmfestival Monte Carlo
*Dibelius Award, Filmfestival Berlin

Other Awards:

For his Film- and Screenplay-Scrips *Best European SF Screenwriter, SEACON, The European Science Fiction Awards, Brighton 1984
PLAY FUTURE *Kurd Lasswitz Award, Best Short-Story 1987
THE CHEESE *SFCD Award 1989, Science Fiction Club Deutschland
*Kurd Lasswitz Award, Best Short-Story 1988
GODS GANG *Phantastic Award, Best Short-Story (4) 1998
ADRESS TO THE JURY *Germa Science Fiction Award, Best Short-Story 2000

These awards have made Rainer Erler the most decorated german Film-Director.
In 1998 the Gereman Television honored Rainer Erler on his 65th birthday with the broadcasting of 12 of his films.
In June 1998 he lectures his Master Class at the Munich Highschool for Film and Television.
Movies made by Rainer Erler have been presented as entries at the following festivals: Berlin, Moscow, Monte-Carlo, Karlovy Vary, Munich, Trieste, Cannes, Sitges/Barcelona, New York, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Genova, Verona, Milan, Freiburg and more.
After two decades as an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, Rainer Erler has now surprised the reading public with 14 novels with the same kind of drama and suspense, based on ecological and political topics which are unusual, provocative and highly controversial.

The president of the german republic wrote this letter to Rainer Erler